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Gaia, con gái thần mặt trời và nhân vật huyền bí của Trái đất sẽ giải thích cho bạn về việc bạn sẽ bắt đầu một hành trình thông qua nhiều giai đoạn lịch sử khác nhau của hành tinh.
Trong suốt thời gian đó, bạn từ loài cá tiền sử sẽ thay đổi, tiến hóa thành nhiều loài khác nhau bò sát, chim, khủng long, ... cho đến khi kết thúc tại Khu vườn Eden cùng với Gaia

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Link tải ​E.V.O Search for Eden :  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Waha07W2EDGTIFOmPD-JTMmhwe5MtbHs

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Trò chơi đơn giản kể về quá trình của thuyết tiến hóa và lịch sử của Trái đất thông qua đoạn video game kỳ lạ này, kết hợp Khoa học, Lịch sử, Truyền thuyết, Tôn giáo, Khoa học Viễn tưởng. Bạn bắt đầu trở thành con cá tiền sử và cuối cùng bạn có thể trở thành một loại bò sát, một động vật có vú hoặc con chim tùy theo sự lựa chọn của bạn.

Bạn phải chiến đấu vì miếng ăn, khiến mình trở nên mạnh mẽ hơn và tiến hóa, và luôn luôn bước về phía trước. Chỉ có những kẻ mạnh nhất mới sống sót. Tóm lại, nó giống như học thuyết của Darwin nhưng bạn chưa bao giờ nhìn thấy trước đó. Tuy nhiên, trong phiên bản đáng lo ngại về sự hình thành Trái đất, xuất hiện các tinh thể bí ẩn có ảnh hưởng đến sự tiến hóa và biến các sinh vật ăn chúng trở thành những con quái vật quyền lực thống trị các loài còn lại.

Ở cuối trò chơi và sau khi bạn đối mặt với một sinh vật khổng lồ ngày càng phát triển do nuốt tinh thể, bạn sẽ khám phá ra chúng đã được gửi đến bởi một nền văn minh tiên tiến hơn trên Sao Hỏa, với mục tiêu giúp đỡ con người trên trái đất tiến hóa nhanh hơn, nhưng sau sự thất bại và lỗi lầm của họ, họ đã quyết định trả lại hòa bình cho Trái đất và chờ đợi con người tiến hóa đầy đủ để giao tiếp.

The dawn of time…You are one of the first creatures to inhabit the earth! There were no peace treaties back in the early days, just your character in a jaw-clamping, teeth-flying, survival of the fittest, right to live. 

With the new Multi-change option and “Book of Life” feature, you can create and save up to 50 of the biggest, baddest creatures you can conjure up! The only thing standing between you and the fabled land of Eden, are 4.6 billion years worth of Mother Nature’s meanest creations!

Chapter 1: The World before Land

The first era is the world before land.
You begin your journey through evolution as a small fish, and will need to eat others to become stronger.

Ocean of Origin

 The Ocean of Origin is the point were life first appeared, as well as the point where you start your journey.
You will encounter a few jellyfish; one of which will recognize you as a newcomer, and give you a basic description of your objectives: Eat anything weaker to evolve, and advance.

Bit the Jellyfish twice for a hunk of meat which gives you E.V.O. Points and HP. The white points are E.V.O. Points and the red ones are HP. The brightly colored plants and shrimp along the bottom are not just decoration, if you chomp down on them, you will be awarded a bonus +3 HP, but no E.V.O. Points.

 This starting area can be used to obtain some basic evolutions. If desired, you can collect 200 EVO points for the Kuraselache's Jaws for increased attack power

Followed by 50 on dorsal fins for a small speed and HP boost.

You may also note that you can sometimes jump out of the water. Jumping may be slightly faster depending on the upgrades that you have.
This section otherwise has nothing significant. Head to the right to exit.

Cave of Guidance

Enter through the hole near the bottom, to the right. There should be some Sea Worms in the cave, having 1 more HP and being faster, but they should be no problem, especially if you have the Kuraselaches Jaw, whiches finishes them off in one bite.

Go on and you should see a yellow shiny ball. This is a crystal. But before you get it, swim down to the cucmbers(The two brown moving clusters at the bottom). After you listen to their gossip, eat them if you need to for a +3 HP recovery. Then, swallow the crystal to go on. The crystal will then speak and give you an explanation on the effects of evolving different body parts. Go back the way you came from the exit the Cave of Guidance.

Cave of Temptation

Head into the cave in the bottom-right corner.
Enter the cave at the bottom and defeat the new Sea Slime enemies by quickly biting it after it splits.

Further into the cave, eat the plants for +3 HP if need to, and you'll hear them advise you to eat the Red Crystal to evolve into a strange creature. When a crystal transforms you, it'll last less than ten minutes, but the crystals almost always transform you into a more powerful creature, so use that time wisely. Anyways, you'll transform into an Eel of a Stingray, depending on how your current body is, and it'll be better than your current body.

Ocean of Terodus

Encounter 50 of these fast runners to complete the area.
This is your next encounter with the open ocean, but you and several other fish are trapped between bubble walls.

You'll see some small Yellow Fish, know as the Terodus. These fish will try to swim away when you approach. To catch them, you need to swim quickly (by pressing the direction twice) and bite when they get close. Note that the manta form that you found in the Cave of Temptation isn't fast enough; only a regularly evolved creature can catch the prey.

After some time (50 enemies spawned), the bubble wall will disappear, and the volcano will begin to erupt. Hurry out of there before the rocks, which deal 1 to 3 damage, kill you. If you do not want to spend time in this area, you can trigger the event early by moving back and forth over the mid-point of the area.

Collect EVO points,
+ Dorsal Fin : 500 E.V.O to Kuraselache's dorsal fins (+ speed agility ; +7 HP)
+ Horn : use 300 E.V.O to Angier's Hord(+ 2 streng )
+ Jaw: 800 E.V.O to Zinichthy's Jaw( inflict 5 damage on a bite attack.)
+ Tail: 700 E.V.O to Kuraselache's Tail ( + speed +15HP)
+ Hands & Feets : 500 E.V.O to Tackle Fin (+ 2 streng)
+ Body : 400 E.V.O to Inscrease body size (+ 10 HP)
+ Body : 600 E.V.O to Shell body (+ 10 DEF)

Cave of Zinichtys
Swim through the ocean to enter the cave in the bottom right corner.
There are two paths in this location. The path to the right leads to a blue crystal, which gives 500 EVO points. The downward path leads to the next area.

You will encounter two new enemies. The first is a large gray carnivorous fish that will try to bite you. The second enemy is a small orange crawler that will curl into a ball and try to jump at you.

When you head through the downward path, you will see another volcano, which will begin to erupt. Dash through the area quickly.

Domain of Cepalas
This is an open area, with your destination being a small cave at the bottom-right corner of the map. However, once you enter the cave, you won't be able to return.

The enemies in this region are mostly fish that will try making quick nips at you.

Cave of Origin
The cave of origin is the place where creatures leave the sea for the land. However, there is no breathable oxygen on the surface.

Enter the cave, and swim through the tunnel. If you need to collect the most powerful jaw, this is a good location to obtain experience if you do not have it already.

Past the end of the tunnel is the Domain of Kuraselache. This is the best place to collect experience that you need for taking on their leader, by eating the orange creatures crawling on the ground.

 There are a lot of Kuraselaches in this section, so be careful and if you don't need the E.V.O. Points, charge through. When you get near the end you'll hear two Strolites complain. Go on into the cave down below and face your first boss. 

Boss Tactic: Kuraselach Leader

Kuraselach Leader will start off by ramming you and taking off around 13 HP, depending on your body. Then, if you ram him with your horn from behind, he will swish his tail. If he sees you he will charge and attempt to bite you, sometimes twice in a row. So, you can either ram him and them run away until you see the chance to ram him again, or you can evade his attacks while biting him whenever you have a chance. Evolving some fins and tails are crucial if you want to dodge his attacks.

When he is defeated, exit the cave, and go up and to the right. Make sure you take a record of your current creature before proceeding; you will be left with a basic amphibian body that will be initially weak compared to your mature fish, and will have no EVO Points. When ready, jump on and explore the land to begin the second chapter.

Chapter 2: Early Creatures of Land

Coast of Pange

You will notice that your E.V.O. points have returned to zero.

Your new body requires you to learn how to move around the area. As such, the Coast of Pange is a small area with no hostile animals to deal with.

For information on some new evolution features, eat the yellow crystal. It will mention that the tail helps you jump.

Now, you will see that you have two choices for where to go. First, go up for some important information.

Empty Land

Here, you will hear two flying creatures' gossip. This land has no enemies(Why else would it be called, "Empty Land"?). Go out and take the other way

Ocean of Pange

Jump into the ocean and you'll evolve back into a swimming creature. Go near one of the Coelafish for some info about them.

Land of timid Ikustega

The Ikustega in this region, as mentioned in the area name, are timid. They will not attack unless provoked
You'll see some dragonflies flying by in the air but you can't reach them because you can't jump high enough. You'll have to evolve your tail if you want to kill some dragonflies.

If you remain in the area long enough, you will notice the sky darken. This is part of a day/night cycle, where creatures behave differently during the night. Usually, they will be asleep and can be attached by surprise.

Land of bull Ikustega

The Ikustega in this region are aggressive. You can get 15 more EVO points for each Ikustega you eat, but the creatures are more aggressive.

Land of Amphibians

There is a new horned amphibian in this region. It's attack inflicts just as much damage, but can also knock you back. This amphibian is worth 30 EVO points.
You have a second option of jumping on their backs and defeating them that way

Collect EVO points,
+ where the first 500 E.V.O is used to obtain Tusking jaws (to inflict 5 damage on a bite attack.)
+ Back of the Head : use 300 E.V.O to Jerroi (+ 5 damage on a bite attack)
+ Tail : 100 E.V.O to Power Tail ( hight jump)

+ Body : 500 E.V.O to Mottle Body (+ more DEF)

Land of Boss Ikustega

The Boss Ikustega will announce himself to be the leader, and will attack when you begin to laugh at him.

He has 60 Health, and uses both a leap attack and a spit attack. If you attack him, he is extremely likely to leap almost immediately. You can land two bites in a row if you time the attacks correctly.

Once the combat is complete, you will meet the Elder of Ikustega. Thou must accept his quest to investigate the abnormal evolution of the insects, and their overconsumption of the plant life on the northern continent.

Domain of Profasu

The profasu is a small version of the modern cockroach. When damaged, they will attempt to fly away. They are worth 40 EVO points each.

Collect EVO points,
+ Tail : 1000 E.V.O to Thorny spring tail (+ speed +2HP)
+ Jaws : 1500 E.V.O to Fierce Jaws ( inflict 10 damage on a bite attack)
+ Dorsal Fin : 1000 E.V.O to Jumping dorsal fin ( hight jump +10 HP)

Domain of Giant Bee

Giant bees will be seen trying to grab the timid Ikustegas and collect them for food. Each bee is worth 50 EVO points. However, the giant bees will attack you directly during the night.

 If you try to kill the child Ikustega and eat its meat, you will suffer a HP penalty, because Ikustega are the "good guys".

Land of Insect

Giant bees will arrive in groups of three, carrying the Ikustegas to the lair.

Cave of the King Bee

An Ikustega will come out and tell you his story, then you'll gain 1000 E.V.O. Points.
When you enter the cave, you need to provoke the king into arriving. Eat each of its eggs.

The ROCKING ones are good. They don't do anything except wait for you to eat them and they give you a +3 HP bonus. The NON-ROCKING ones are bad. They hatch into annoying little blue larvae, and are hard to kill, unless you're a good jumper.

After you've killed off all of them, the King Bee should appear

 Once he is slain, eat the food and exit to the right. Megausu, a dragonfly, will greet you and give a brief description of the area ahead.

Desert of the Sand Eater

The sand eater will pop out of the sand from time to time, and spit out more sand. It is indestructible, and the only way to survive is to run quickly and jump over their attacks.

There is a green crystal somewhere near the end of the level.

Desert of Edosaurus

The edosaurus is the first reptile you will encounter. While it is small, it's back is armored, allowing it to inflict significant damage against you. It is worth 80 EVO points.

There is still the horned creature that you can safely eat.

+ Body : 5000 E.V.O to Armor Body (+ more DEF)
+ Hord : 1500 E.V.O to Big Hord (+ streng)

Desert of Mosuchop

The Mosuchop will jump out of the sand and try to quickly attack you. It will easily die to the fierce jaws (if you have obtained them.) and give 60 EVO points each.

Desert Time Trans

Megausu will arrive, revealing that it was working for the Queen Bee all along.
Once defeated, you will obtain the body of a reptile.

Chapter 3: Age of Dinosaurs

Door to Dina Continent

This region contains a crystal that describes the new features of a reptile. Specifically, two-legged reptiles have a better jump, while four-legged reptiles have a better defense.

Marsh of Prime Frog

The northern path contains amphibians watching over the plants and insects. The frogs here have a tongue attack, and unlike most other creatures, can quickly counter attack with their tongue before you can bite them a second time.

Marsh of Amphibians

This marsh is filled with slightly more aggressive versions of the bull ikustega. However, they provide 15 EVO points each.

Domain of Tecodonto

The tecodonto will try to run away from you, but will retaliate any attack you make against them. Worth 12 EVO points each.

Domain of Polsaurus

The polsaurus will show off their head-butt by ramming each other. The best way to collect 20 EVO points from each one is to eat them as they focus on another Polsaurus for their headbutt.

If no other Polsaurus is nearby, they are willing to charge toward you.

+ Jaws : 500 E.V.O to Brosaurus Jaws ( inflict 3 damage on a bite attack)

Domain of Syrocosaurus

The sole inhabitant of this region is an adult syrocosaurus, who is angry because his child is missing. Walk to the right (without attacking) to proceed, as the syrocosaurus will retaliate against any attack.

Domain of Brosasaurus

While the plant eaters are passive, they are large and powerful enough to slow you down. Attacking them a few times will aggravate them, causing them to swing their tail at you and continue attacking. Your best means to get past is to jump over their body using a tail (or similar) upgrade.

Domain of Prasauro

The Prasauro will retaliate any attack with a loud scream. However, they are worth 50 EVO each.

+ Jaws : 5000 E.V.O to Tyrasaurus Jaws ( inflict 20 damage on a bite attack)
+ Back of the Head : 1000 E.V.O to Horned Helmet ( + 5HP +3 Streng + 1 DEF)

Domain of Segosaurus

The segosaurus has a tail swipe, and also an armored back that prevents you from jumping over it. They are worth 80 EVO each.

+ Neck : 1000 E.V.O to Extend Neck ( + Length attack)
+ Body : 5000 E.V.O to Nautilon's body ( +20 HP, + DEF)
+ Dorsal Fin : 1000 E.V.O to Pronesaurus dorsal fins ( +10 HP + 3 Streng +2DEF +2Agi  +2 Jump )
+ Tail : 1500 E.V.O to Invincible Tail ( +5 HP + 3 Streng +1DEF +3Agi  +4 Jump  )

Domain of Prime Frog

In this area, you will see two frogs teasing a young Syrocosaurus. Chase them off the right of the screen, then re-enter the area.

The Prime Frog has two attacks:
She will spawn smaller frogs that will leap and attack.
She will leap towards you.
The small frogs provide a constant stream of EVO points that can be used to either evolve further, or to instantly heal by taking a minor evolution.

The Prime Frog can be locked down indefinitely with well-timed bites.

Domain of Tritops

Compared to the Prime Frog, you should have no trouble collecting 90 EVO points form each Tritops.

Ocean of Plesaurus

This is a swimming region. While the Plesaurus is not too difficult, it is able to use a long neck to attack.

Mt. Brave

If you want to obtain a bird body, you will need to scale the mountain. Since this requires a lot of jumping, you should improve either your tail or evolve into using two legs.

Once you reach the top, you can jump off the side to obtain the bird's body.

Secret location

When the dark cloud hovers over Mt. Hidden Mammals, you will fly into it.

The maze contains a green crystal, two red crystals allowing you to transform into a dragon or bat, and a blue crystal.

The green crystal is at the first turn to the left.

To reach the dragon crystal, return to the first junction, and head directly up until the second junction. Fly all the way to the right to find the red crystal that turns you into the dragon.

From the dragon crystal, return left, and head directly down until you reach the second junction. Turn to the right, then down, then right. From here, reach the top of the maze to enter the River of Asteroids in space.

 There are three asteroids that may be entered, the most important being on the far left; you can eat a blue crystal for 9999 EVO points. The center asteroid contains a red crystal that transforms you into a gargoyle-like creature, and the right asteroid contains a green crystal. You can also exit directly to the world map by a simple button press, rather than navigating the maze once again.

+ Jaws : 5000 E.V.O to Tyrasaurus Jaws ( inflict 20 damage on a bite attack)
+ Back of the Head : 1000 E.V.O to Horned Helmet ( + 5HP +3 Streng + 1 DEF)
+ Dorsal Fin : 1000 E.V.O to Pronesaurus dorsal fins ( +10 HP + 3 Streng +2DEF +2Agi  +2 Jump )
+ Tail : 1500 E.V.O to Longtail Birds Tail ( +...)

Mt. Hidden Mammals

To enter this location, you must have evolved as a bird from Mount Brave. A few Deltadiums will walk across the surface.

Domain of Pronesaurus

The Pronesaurus is heavily armored, and retaliates any attacks. It is not worth eating.

Domain of Omosaurus

The Omosaurus is the second most powerful creature in the area. This is the best place to collect EVO points before heading to the final location.

Domain of Tyrosaurus

This is the final region within the age of dinosaurs. Your objective is to eliminate approximately 10 tyrosauruses. The most effective evolution for this section is an extended neck, which negates almost any threat from enemy attacks.

While the Tyrosauruses give the option of joining them, it is only for entertainment purposes. As shown in the following cutscene, the dinosaurs were wiped out by the meteor that caused the Ice Age.

Chapter 4: Ice Age

Iced Coast

When you arrive in the ice age, you will notice that the ground is icy. As a reptile, you will have difficulty walking on the icy surface.

After jumping up the icy slope, you will find a crystal that states that evolution will become harder from now on. However, there is a chance to become a mammal.

Cave of judgement
Enter the cave.

Inside, you will find that ground to be much more suitable for movement. When you walk to the right, you will encounter some dinosaur spirits that offer a chance to become a mammal (if you meet the requirements.) The game is still possible regardless of which path you choose.

You can return to this location at any time, should you want to evolve into a the mammalian life form.

Cave of Deltadium

To unlock the next region, enter the cave and leave once you hear a conversation.

This cave contains mammals taking refuge from the cold.

+ Back of the head: 100 E.V.O to Mane( + 5 damage)
+ Neck: 200 E.V.O to Extend Neck ( long attack)

Door to Mt. Snow

There are two routes through the mountain: Above and below.

Ikustega shelter

Ikustegas in this region are worth 15 EVO points each.

Tritops shelter

Tritops are worth 90 EVO points each.

Hog shelter
Hogs are woth 50 EVO points each.

Domain Paramis

These are small mammals that will try leaping as they attack.

Domain of Prime Bird

This section has icy platforms that need to be jumped across.

The slippery ice will make it difficult for reptiles to cross, since they also need to defend themselves against the birds nearby.

Exit of Mt. Snow

At the end of either the upper or lower path, you can leave the area to the right.

Land of Survival

Head to the south to reach the Land of Survival. WHile your ultimate destination is in the north-west, you can't head there because of an ice door.

The brosasaurus will complain that they have enough trouble surviving. Reptiles can easily defeat them, but unevolved mammals may have to jump over them.

Land of Survival (2)

Tyrosaurus are located to the south. They will announce they Yeti is coming, but quickly realize their mistake. This location is similar to the final region in the third chapter.

Domain of Balrium

This region is a hot desert. It is a good region to farm EVO points before challenging the Mammoths, as they give 90 EVO each.

+ Jaws: 1500 E.V.O to Fierce Jaws(  (to inflict 20 damage on a bite attack.) )
+ Body: 2500 E.V.O to Rhinoceros Shaped body ( +35HP)
+ Body : 1000 E.V.O to Inscrease body size (+ 10 HP)
+ Back of the head: 2000 E.V.O to Bull Hord( + 7 DEF)

The North Pole

Three penguins waddle around, although there are seals further across the icy area.

Domain of Mammoth

There are three Mammoths which you have to fight. They alternate between firing three bubbles, and a charging attack.

The bubbles are extremely difficult to avoid as a reptile. Their best chance is to attack right after the bubbles are launched.

Fort Bird-man

Map of the fortress
You will learn of a location in the western portion of the Land of Survival. Explore the new location, and you will almost instantly be captured and taken into the fort (although you can exit by jumping off the side.)

The two main enemies on the outside of the fort are spearmen, and mounted riders. While you can collect EVO points on them, they do nor provide healing (and as such, you will need to spend EVO points to heal instead.)

The inside of the fortress is filled with flying swordsmen.

To proceed through the fortress as a land-based creature, take the following route:

Proceed forward, fall down, and enter the lower teleporter to the right.
Re-enter the teleporter you arrived in.
Re-enter the teleporter again.
Head right, fall down, and enter the teleporter to the left.
Head right and fall to reach the green crystal. Head to the left.
Exit and re-enter the teleporter.

You will encounter the bird king. He will fly around, and will used ranged attacks to destroy you. However, he is easily locked down with well timed attacks.

When he is defeated, the fortress will collapse.

Domain of Hynodon

In the north-west area, you will find the Hynodon. While the animals provide 100 EVO points, they do not respawn until you leave the region.

Domain of Yeti

In this section, you will encoutner the Yeti. His attack is a simple punch. To defeat him, attack as he starts the jump.

After he is destroyed, the Yeti mother will arrive. She has two attacks - a two handed slap, and a ranged wind attack. Jump over the icy wind to avoid taking damage. To avoid the melee attack, make an attack of your own (with a long neck) just as soon as she starts the jump. Make a second attack (timed to connect almost as soon as she lands) to push her back or jump to get out of the way.

Once the Yeti mother is defeated, a short cutscene appears and the final age begins.

Chapter 5: Early Man

Final Step to Evolve

You will encounter small mammals in this region. They will jump around frequently, and may be hard to eat.

Domain of Sincerous

This region contains large animals, who will use a powerful head-butt.

Domain of Fish of Prey

You will have to swim through this region. The fish provide 30 EVO points each, but can still cause significant harm.

Domain of Sea Otter

The sea otters will swim around. When alerted (either through some time or when attacked), it will surface and throw a rock at you.

Domain of Alligator

The alligators will proivde some EVO points, and are not too difficult individually.

Domain of Grizzly

The grizzlys are extremely dangerous. You may want to use Fierce Jaws in this section if you otherwise have trouble jumping over the bears.

Forest of Segosaurus

This is a small forest that still contains some dinosaurs that survived during the ice age. If you leave them in peace, they will tell you the evolution path to a human, by selecting cat-like jaws and a rabbit-like body.

You can still return to the region later.

Domain Eohip

The eohip is a small horse-like creature. It provides 100 EVO points, and thus is a good location for farming.

Domain of Saber Tiger

Although the Saber Tiger provides 150 EVO each, they are much more dangerous. You need to make a well timed attack in order to defeat them.

If you evolved into human form, the best time to launch the attack is during their jump.

Domain of Condor

This a spire standing out in the middle of the continent. When you first arrive, a bird will mention that there was a silver bird in the sky, before attacking.

If desired, climb to the top of the mountain to meet amphibians that are pleased to see that the plant life has recovered. Be sure to eat the blue crystal for 5000 EVO points.

If you are a bird, you can also fly up further for a secret meeting with the aliens.

Cave of Monkey Human

The monkeys were evolved to use tools, or objects as weapons.

Head into the cave, and go up the elevator. Head to the right, and ride the elevator to the top.

When you reach the inner lair, you will encounter the leader of the tribe, a Yeti. He will defend the sanctity of the burial ground and attack.

You will open up the Domain of Ditryma to the south, and the Final Ocean on the southern most tip. Head to the final ocean.

Final Ocean

You will encounter the Rogons, who are equipped with a laser weapon and also ride a small shark as well. They are worth 100 EXP each.

To reach the innter lair, head down into the cave. Take the left passage at the first branch, then head down. Move to the right, then down, and follow the western path to the lair.

+ Hands&Feet : 2000 E.V.O to Evolve  (to inflict 20 damage on a bite attack.)
+ Body : 2000 E.V.O to Evolve further  (Seal)
+ Body : 2000 E.V.O to Evolve further  (Dolphin)
+ Body : 2000 E.V.O to Evolve further  (grip)
+ Body : 2000 E.V.O to Evolve further  (mermaid)

Secret Evolution
A secret evolution path is available. As long as you are a mammal and didn't evolve into a human, you can try evolving the Hands & Feet. You will first start as a Seal, then become a dolphin, evolve a grip for the hands, and eventually a mermaid.
Head to the ocean to the south. Dive in and move to the cave in the west.

The King Rogon has three attacks.

The first will blind you and slow you down.
The second is a ramming attack, which inflicts the most damage. It is countered simply by attacking.
The third is a claw swipe, which is used if you are too close.

When you defeat the King Rogon, exit to the left and speak with the Whale King. He will transport you back to the surface.

Domain of Ditryma

This region is filled with wingless birds that are depressed from being pulled down from the sky. They will usually cry from the loss of flight, but will retaliate against attacks. They are worth 80 EVO each.

Secret gate

Domain of Queen Bee

This battle is identical to the one in the second age. The bee alternates with two attacks, although there is terrain that can help you get a better shot on the bee.

Domain of Tyrasaurus

This is the best location to obtain EVO points; the tyrasaurus will provide 250 EVO each. Head to the right when you are done.

Entrance of Eden

Cro-Maine is a large human that guards the entrance to Eden. Unlike other enemies, he will not attack unless you approach.

Perform a leap attack. If you are successful, you will injure him in mid-air; otherwise, he will bat you out of the region. Repeat the leap attack until he is defeated.

While it's not possible to effectively lock down Cro-Maine, you can trick him into a repeatable attack. If you can work your way to the right-corner of the screen, and can injure him, he will respond to injured by jumping straight up into the corner, while you can swing or bite on the way down. You will take damage, but the enemy will be defeated without trouble.

Dino-People lair

Green crystal is on the top floor at the right-most portion of the floor.

Right-most lift on third floor. Down one stort, and head right. Follow the tunnel to the crystals.

Bolbox Lair
Bolbox is vulnarable to attacks from its pseudopod. If left alone, it will either advance slowly, or try touching you with its pseudopod. In either case, it will retreat if it takes damage.

When it takes enough damage, it will release one of its eight crystals. It will remain invincible as long as the crystal is active, but it will still take damage.

The bird swordsman' is a common enemy that happens to have more health than normal. It is easily locked down.
The Prasauro is easily locked down with a melee attack.
The jellyfish will first appear to be small, but after a few strikes, will transform into a large jellyfish. It is otherwise not powerful.

The giant profasu will walk left and right until it is attacked. When struck, it will fly in the direction it is facing in circles. The safest means to defeat it is to attack it from behind or from maximum range.
The most dangerous opponent is the Kuraselache. Since it can fly, it is able to leave the range of your attacks, before it charges for a bite.

Once all the crystals are destroyed, you can defeat Bolbox. After he dies, head to the right to reach the garden of Eden.

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