Sách giáo khoa Tiếng Anh 6 Explore Our World – Sách Học Sinh Cánh Diều




Scope and Sequence

Unit 1

What's Your Favorite Band?

Unit 2

Monkeys Are Amazing!

Unit 3

Where's the Shark?

Unit 4

This Is My Family

Unit S

I Like Fruit!

Unit 6

What Time Do You Go to School?

Review Game 1

Unit 7

Can You Do This?

Unit 8

How Much Is This T-shirt?

Unit 9

What Are You Doing?

Unit 10

What's the Weather Like?

Unit 11

I Went to Australia!

Unit 12

What Do You Usually Do for New Year's?

Review Game 2

Student B Activities

Unit Worksheets

Extra Practice Worksheets

Grammar Reference


Photo and Art Credits


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