PRACTICE TEST 6 FOR THE 1ST SEMESTER EXAMINATION - NGT I. LISTEN: Listen and decide True or False (1.0pt) (Unit 5/B1/p 56) 1. Ba eats a big breakfast. 2. He has classes from seven to quarter past eleven. 3. He plays basketball in the afternoon. 4. He does the housework in the evening. Answer: 1._____ 2_____ 3_____ 4_____ II. PRONUNCIATION: Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others (0.5pt) 5. A. hotel B. country C. factory D. restaurant 6. A. city B. timetable C. classroom D. engineer Answer: 5_____ 6_____ III. MULTIPLE CHOICE: (1.5 pts) 7. The house is dirty. I need to ________ and clean it. A. go shopping B. do the dishes C. sweep the floor D. make lunch 8. There are big houses ________ my neighborhood. A. in B. to C. about D. with 9. What time_______ Lan _______ to school? – At a quarter to seven. A. are/go B. is/go C. do/go D. does/go 10. The store isn’t big _________it has everything. A. so B. but C. and D. because 11. Are you students? - ____________________. A. Yes, I’m B. No, I’m notC. Yes, we are D. No, we are 12. His father is a builder. He works on the_____________. A. hotel B. company C. school D. construction site Answer: 7_____ 8_____ 9_____ 10_____ 11_____ 12_____ IV. CAUTION SIGNS- WARNINGS: (0.5pt) 13. What does the sign say? A. Eat and drink here. B. Do not smoke here. C. Do not enter here. D. Keep this area litter free. 14. What oes the sign say? A. No crossing B. No fishing B. No parking D. No littering Answer: 13_____ 14_____ V. CLOZE TEST: Choose the word (A, B, C or D) (1.5pts) Jack __ (15)__ from the USA. He lives with his family__ (16)_____ a beautiful house in the countryside. It is very peaceful and quiet. His family is very friendly ___(17)___ helpful. His father works on a construction site and his mother works in ____(18)___ hotel. Jack goes to school in the morning and ____(19)___plays with his friends in the afternoon. In the evening, he cleans his room and does his homework. He goes to bed late at ____(20)___. 15. A. are B. am C. is D. aren’t 16. A. on B. to C. in D. at 17. A. so B. but C. too D. and 18. A. an B. a C. some D. any 19. A. he B. she C. they D. we 20. A. 8 a.m B. 6 p.m C. 10 p.m D. 11 a.m Answer: 15_____ 16_____ 17_____ 18_____ 19_____ 20_____ VI. READING COMPREHENSION: Write TRUE or FALSE (1.5pts) My name is Nga. Here is the photo of my family. This is my father, Mr.Tan. He is a teacher. He teaches at a high school. The school is far so he has to get up early to travel to work. This is my mother, Mrs.Dung. She works in a bookstore near my house. After work, she prepares meals for the whole family. We often help her when we are not busy. My sister is twenty and she is a student. She is going to be a teacher, too. I am the youngest in my family. We live happily in a small house but our happiness is big. 21. Mr.Tan is a teacher. 22. The school is near Nga’s house. 23. Her sister is at work. 24. There are four people in her family. Choose the words A, B, C or D 25. What is the main idea of the text? A. Nga’s school B. Nga’s friends C. Nga’s family D. Nga’s classmates 26. What does “her” in line 3 refer to? A. her mother B. her sister C. her teacher D. her classmate Answer: 21______ 22______ 23______ 24______ 25_____ 26_____ VII. WORD FORMS: (1.0pt) 27. Hoa ______at Doan Thi Diem primary school. (student ) 28. His bedroom is on the ________floor. (three ) 29. Mr. Quang grows rice and raises a lot of chickens. He is a ________. (farm ) 30. There are many _________flowers in Lan’s garden. (beauty ) Answer: 27___________ 28 ___________ 29_____________ 30_______________ VIII. SENTENCE TRANSFORMATION.(2pts) 31. Where does Miss Loan live? → What ________________________________________________________________? 32. The police station is to the right of the movie theater. →The movie theater ______________________________________________________ 33. He walks to the park every morning. → He __________________________________________________________________ 34. There are forty students in my class. → My class______________________________________________________________ IX. SENTENCE REARRANGEMENT.(0.5pt) 35. works/ She/ a clothing company/for →She __________________________________________________________________ 36. is playing/ in the stadium/ football/ now/ Tuan →Tuan ____________________