PRACTICE TEST 4 (1st Term) - NQ I. LISTEN: Listen to the CD and decide whether the statements are True or False (1 pt) (Unit 7 – B1, page 76,77) 1. Ba lives in an apartment in the city. 1. __________ 2. The place where he lives is not very noisy. 2. __________ 3.There are not any stores in Chi’s country. 3. __________ 4. There are trees and flowers, a river, a lake and paddy fields near her house. 4. __________ II. PRONUNCIATION: Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others. (0.5pt) 5. A. apartment B. eraser C. geography D. vegetables 5. ___ 6. A. engineer B. supermarket C. quiet D. clinic 6. ___ III. MULTIPLE CHOICE: (2 pts) 7. They are_______ badminton with their friends now. 7. ___ A. going B. doing C. walking D. playing 8. His house is near school, so he goes to school _________ foot. 8. ___ A. in B. at C. on D. by 9. _______ is Phong’s school? – It’s in the country. 9. ___ A. Which B. What C. When D. Where 10. We study the life of plants and animals in ____________. 10. ___ A. biology B. geography C. history D. physics 11. My house is _______ the bookstore and the toy store. 11. ___ A. near B. between C. next to D. to the left of 12. Is this your book? -No. It isn’t. It’s __________book. 12. ___ A. me B. my C. her D. I 13. Huong’s father is a farmer. He works on a ___________ 13. ___ A. clinic B. restaurant C. factory D. farm 14. How does your father _____________ to work? 14. ___ A. travels B. travel C. to travel D. traveling IV. CAUTION SIGNS – WARNINGS: (0.5 pt) 15. What does the sign say ? A. No parking B. No stopping C. No standing D. All are correct. 15. ___ 16. What does the sign mean ? A. Way to the village. B. Way to the hospital. C. Way to school. D. Way to the furniture store. 16. ___ V. CLOZE TEST: (1.5 pts) It’s five o’clock in the morning. Mr.Vinh is a truck driver and he is going to a (17)............... Mr. Vinh is arriving (18)............... the farm. A farmer is waiting for him. Mr. Vinh and the farmer are (19)............... the truck with vegetables. Mr. Vinh is driving to Ha Noi. He is taking the vegetables to the (20)............. Mr. Vinh is at the market. He is unloading the vegetables. It’s seven o’clock (21).............. Mr. Vinh is eating (22)..........breakfast at a foodstall. 17. A. school B. factory C. hospital D. farm 17.____ 18. A. on B. in C. at D. with 18. ____ 19. A.unloading B. loading C. driving D. taking 19. ____ 20. A. market B. village C. city D. country 20. ____ 21. A. because B. and C. but D. so 21. ____ 22. A. their B. a C. her D. his 22. ____ VI. READING COMPREHENSION (1.5 pts) : My name is Charlotte. I’m nine years old. We are in September and today is my first day of school. I have a pink schoolbag. I have a blue book, a yellow pencil, an orange ruler and some colored crayons in my schoolbag. I have a red apple and a banana in my lunch box, in the schoolbag. My classroom is big, my desk is green and my chair is yellow. My teacher is very nice. Her name is Mrs. Claire. There are 20 students in my class. Today we color pictures, we sing songs, and we read and write. The school has a small playground. I play with all my friends. I like my school! True or False: 23. Charlotte has a red schoolbag. 23. ________ 24. She is in a small classroom. 24. ________ 25. There are twenty students in the classroom. 25. ________ 26. The students color, sing, read and write. 26. ________ Read the passage again and choose the best answer A, B, C or D: 27. What is the main idea of the passage? 27. ________ A. Charlotte’s teacher. B. Charlotte’s friends C. Charlotte’s classroom D. Charlotte’s first day of school 28. The word “Her” in line 5 refers to: 28. ________ A. student B. teacher C. friend D. Charlotte VII.WORD FORMS: (1 pt) 29. Phong _______at Le Quy Don Junior High School. (student ) 29. __________ 30. His bedroom is on the ________floor. (three ) 30. __________ 31. Mr. Brown grows rice and raises a lot of chickens. 31. __________ He is a ________. (farm ) 32. There are many _________flowers in Mary’s garden. (beauty ) 32. __________ VIII. REARRANGEMENT: (0.5 pt) 33. What time / get up / your father / and have / does / breakfast / ? /  What _______________________________________________________ 34. the bakery / between / is / and the drugstore / The movie theater  The ____________________________________________________________ IX. TRANSFORMATION: (1.5 pts) 35. Which floor is your classroom on?  Where ___________________________________________________________? 36. What does your friend’s mother do?  What is __________________________________________________________? 37. The drug store is to the right of the bakery.  The bakery _______________________________________________________ 38. Charlotte’s school bag is new.  Charlotte has _____________________________________________________. 39. Phong goes to school by bike every day.  Phong ___________________________________________________________ 40. Does your garden have any flowers?  Are there ______